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Compliance Check App - Consistently create REF(D9) Segment in the 277CA to tie Claim Ack back to the original good/bad 837.

Our organization needs the capability for the HIPAA Pack's Compliance Check application to consistently generate a 277CA (005010X214) with a REF (D9) segment for both good and bad claims so that the 277 Claim Ack may be tied back to the original c...
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Maps & Type Trees 2 Delivered

SNDPOR and SNDPRN are not mapped

Using the JALE Adapter, if SNDPOR if not mapped it defaults to CUSTOMERLS. Using the ALE Adapter, if SNDPOR if not mapped it defaults to MERCATOR. We are migrating from the ALE Adapter to the JALE Adapter are require the same behaviour for both ad...
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Other 1 Delivered


The EDIFACT type trees included in the EDIFACT packs 2.8.1 (specifically edifd96a.mtt) do not include the segments USH, USA, US, UNO which are included in the standard version.
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Other 1 Delivered

Validate in RD8 that beginning date is chronologically before ending date

In the case of an X12/HIPAA field being a RD8 (date range), the beginning/starting date should be chronologically before the ending date. If it is not, then it should fail a Type 2 or higher check. We originally experienced this in an 820 transact...
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Other 1 Delivered

Request for debugger in Map Editor

I was developing the map and it broke the whole system. Upon requesting for for information regarding the process, I was told that because the issue is not with the map editor but with the map, every thing is fine and ticket should be closed. I ha...
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Documentation 1 Delivered

WebSphere Extreme Scale Adapter

Many validation and enrichment applications require database lookup. If the data is accessed very often, performance will be degraded. Having the ability to read from WebSphere Extreme Scale cache will solve this problem.
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Adapters 0 Delivered

ITXA support for Windows10

We are planning on upgrading developers workstations enterprise wide to Windows10 and checking IBM product compatibility and found out ITXA does not support yet.
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Other 1 Delivered

Request to back up files when a Launcher system goes down

Request to move the files when a launcher crashes using co-operative browsing mode. Currently when the launcher crashes, the restart are not working as the root issue of the crash (ie a file ) is still present in the root directory. Isolating thes...
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Launcher 1 Delivered

ITX HIPAA Compliance Check - Rule - 837 2320 SBR01 Value (except U) cannot repeat within a Claim.

Opening up this RFE at the request of the TX L@ Support team. Compliance Check not failing for 837's where SBR01 value is repeated (and not U) within a Claim. HIPAA Compliance Check is not failing when the 2320 SBR01 value repeats within a claim f...
over 4 years ago in Transformation Extender / Other 0 Delivered

WDI Client 3.3 does not work Under Windows 10

WDI 3.3 Client will not load on a machine that has Windows 10. Currently getting error.
over 4 years ago in  WebSphere Data Interchange / Other 0 Delivered