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Provide ability to have transit/delivery days configurable by order type & carrier service

Historically Saturday and Sunday have not been considered business days for carriers to transit and/or deliver packages. Based on the SLA the due in home date has been calculated accordingly, and the appropriate carrier service options are considered.

Now some carriers / carrier services are considering Saturday and/or Sunday a business day.

How do we change configuration so the due in home date and carrier service options are calculated accordingly in the node selection / optimization?

  • Guest
  • Sep 10 2021
  • Future consideration
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How will this idea be used?

There are two parts to this:

1. Calculating the due in home date based on the SLA of the order type

For "standard" orders where we are offering the customer "estimated delivery within 3-6 days" we will consider Mon-Sat as business/delivery days when determining the due in home by date. For "priority" orders where we are offering to the customer "delivery in 1 business day or 2 business days" we will consider Mon-Fri as business/delivery days , Saturday is NOT considered a business day for "Priority" services. So the order type needs to be considered in the calculation of the due in home date

2. Determining carrier services that can deliver by the due in home date

Once the due in home date is known, along with the backlog for the nodes that have inventory and are being considered, the carriers services that can enable delivery by the due in home date are determined, and the associated cost. Some carrier services will consider Sat a business/delivery day (Postal & Ground) and other carriers services will not (next day air, 2nd day air).


It depends if order type is standard or priority. Let's say the order was placed on Friday. All nodes being considered process 7 days per week, and have processing plans and backlog such that item will ship same day on Friday.

Standard order 5 day SLA: Sat-Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu.

Priority 1 day SLA: Mon

Priority 2 day SLA: Mon-Tue

Solution needs to evaluate/compare costs of carrier services that can enable delivery by due in home date. Some may transit/deliver on Sat and/or Sun, some may not.

  • Guest commented
    14 Oct, 2021 04:20pm

    additional example

    how it works today:

    Order is placed on Friday 9/10/21, with a 6 day SLA (SLA is in terms in business days) so due in Home date is Monday 9/20/21

    Due in Home date based on 6 (business days SLA) Mon=1, Tue=2, Wed=3, Thu=4, Fri=5, Mon=6

    Node has 7 (calendar) days of backlog. Existing backlog will consume all processing on Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed. Shipment & Carrier pickup would occur on Thu 9/16/21.

    Lookup in NCA finds that for this node USPS FC is an eligible option, and TM find that Transit duration is 4 days. What has been stated is that Transit Days would be calendar days.

    So carrier pickup would be on Thu. Transit days would be Fri=1, Sat=2, Sun=3, Mon=4. Delivery on Mon 9/20/21, meets due in home date of 9/20/21. So this service option would be considered and if the lowest rate would be selected.

    However, historically Sat & Sun have not considered transit/delivery days by carriers.

    If the shipment & carrier pickup would occur on Thu 9/16/21, the reality is the 4 transit days for USPS FC would have been business days Fri=1, Mon=2, Tue=3, Wed=4. Delivery on Wed 9/22/21, two days after the due in home date.

    So this USPS FC should NOT have been considered as an option, when determining if the node was the lowest cost option.

    Invalid node selection would be rare, primarily only occurring if due in home is calculated as Monday, and if the selected node has a significant backlog.

    As carrier/services become 6 or 7 days a week transit/delivery days the issue has even less chance of making an impact on node selection.

    What needs to be enhanced:

    • Add a way to configure by carrier/service which days of the week are “working days”, similar to how the nodes can be configured

    • Then only count “working days” when determining if a carrier/service can arrive by the due in home date based on transit days

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