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Status Under review
Categories Usability
Created by Guest
Created on Dec 11, 2023

CD Unix- CODEPAGE with "iconv -c" or substitution char

When CODEPAGE parameter is used for a transfer, iconv api is used internally by CD to codepage traduction in CDUnix-Linux and CDzOS (CDWindows doesn't use iconv, it's using Microsfot's API mlang.dll).

When in the content of the source file there is a char that exists in source codepage, but it doesn't exist in destination codepage, appears error MBCS002E.

We need that CD can call optionally to "iconv" api with "-c" option to avoid MBCS002E, accepting that we will have characters not translated correctly.

Another option is the use of a substitution char, f.i '?', for this situations, like another products are doing, f.i. like IBM MQ ManagedFileTransfer with option textReplacementCharacterSequence=<char>

What is your industry? Banking
How will this idea be used?

In cases where the content of file needs to be sent, even though one or several chars can't be translated with CODEPAGE pair

  • Guest
    Dec 20, 2023


    The first alternative doesn't work. The problem is that a char from source file doesn't exists in the destination codepage, so the conversion with UTF16 as intermediate codepage it has no sense.

    The second alternative has a lot of problems, at least in zOS side. How we can do external iconv in a zOS environment where we have MVS datasets and not unix files? How we can write a RUN TASK inside a zOS JCL whre iconv it's not a MVS program (it's a USS program)?

    Where it's documented recdl parámeter ??????????????????

  • Admin
    James Joseph
    Dec 20, 2023

    The indicated approach essentially allow files to become corrupted during translation, albeit you are ready to accept the same but eventually “will have characters not translated correctly.”

    Hence We would like to suggest a couple of possible alternatives using existing functionality for customer to consider:

    • Use codepage conversion on both sides of the copy step, converting to a common intermediate page, such as UTF-16, on the source side, and then converting from the intermediate page to the desired page on the destination side.

    • Use a run task to invoke iconv utility on the source side with the desired option(s), then copy the resulting translated file to the destination. Below example translates a text file from ISO-8859-1 to IBM037 and copies it to CDZ using this method. Note: recdl sysopt is used to specify the translated record delimiter, IBM037 LF character, in this case:

    step01 run task pnode

    sysopts="iconv -c -f ISO-8859-1 -t IBM037 /home/nis01/monty/mytemp/testFile > /home/nis01/monty/mytemp/testFile.xlated"

    step02 copy



    file = /home/nis01/monty/mytemp/testFile.xlated






    file = MFINC1.DEL.ME


    disp = rpl


  • Admin
    James Joseph
    Dec 14, 2023

    Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas to IBM. We truly value our relationship with you and appreciate your efforts and willingness to share details about your experience, your recommendations, and ideas. We will soon review the same in the coming weeks and shall get back with a response.


    Product Management