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Status Needs more information
Categories Usability
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 31, 2024

Global Mailbox aged documents or orphan file deletion

On a B2B Integrator software, where HighAvailability is not needed, the payload storage is on shared drive with a simple directory path /opt/b2bsi/documents/2024/01/..... the path has a linear map towards the payload storage. Even if payload gets redundant, we could see easily use a find command and find it.

While using globalMailbox orphaned payload removal/deletion is tedious as the path points like below






We do have BP that cleans up payload older than x number of days, but it really does not go deeper than x [say for example 20 days, 30 days, 40 days old payload.]

It would be helpful if IBM builds a BP that could easily remove old payload from above paths, than being dependent on OS binaries to search through Terabytes of data in above paths, eventually causing timeout on server.

What is your industry? Healthcare
How will this idea be used?

It would be helpful if IBM builds a BP that could easily remove old payload from above paths, than being dependent on OS binaries to search through Terabytes of data in above paths, eventually causing timeout on server.

  • Admin
    Mark Allen
    Apr 17, 2024

    Thanks Peter for the information. A couple of follow up questions from our development team:

    1. While GM stores messages and payloads in Cassandra, are you querying Cassandra to get the list of records? What criteria are you using to identify these records? Are you using CQL?

    2. The MailboxDeleteAllService is fairly destructive, would a GM native version of this be useful? The MailboxDeleteService does support GM, but there are limitations on the MailboxSelection parameter. Is there some reason why you can't use this service?

  • Guest
    Apr 11, 2024

    I opened a few cases on similar issues where old/unextractable/incomplete messages were not being cleaned up properly in the fileshare and/or DB. We ended up with a couple solutions:

    1. Run SQL from time-to-time against the DB to identify these records, and then run deletes.

    2. We also built global mailbox equivalents to the non-GM SFG BPs MailboxDeleteAllService and MailboxDeleteService.

    3. We also created cron jobs on the server itself to identify directories/files within the shared drive older than x days and to delete them.

    We've built multiple layers to help with the cleanup of data, but it's still not 100% full-proof. It would be nice if GM was smart enough to recognize these scenarios and do similar cleanup.

    1 reply
  • Admin
    Mark Allen
    Feb 21, 2024

    Thanks for sharing your idea. I need a little more information to understand your idea.

    In the product today we have several automatic purge schemes:

    • PayloadPurgeJob - Deletes orphaned payloads, or payloads that are no longer referenced by a message, from the local data center.

    • MessagePurgeJob - Deletes incomplete messages.

    • ExpiredPurge - Deletes messages that are no longer extractable

    Our documentation and blog posts on GM purge schemes:

    The first one, PayloadPurgeJob, should be deleting payloads that are no longer referenced by a message. If that isn't working in your case, you may want to contact support to determine if there is a misconfiguration or another issue.

    I'm looking forward to your response. Once I can develop a clear picture of your request, I'll be able to let you know if we can add your idea to our future offering roadmap.